A husband and wife, who were facing so much agony, did not know where to turn or what to do. Krystal and D'Andre's desire to push a message of positivity and inspiration is all they had. Then, they took a step to push a message that is far greater than any one human being. That step is what created the renewed meaning for LIFE; Love, Inspire, Forgive, Encourage and a clothing brand.

The year of 2019 was the birth of LIFEBrand and the clothing stood for more than just fashion. The clothing stood to inspire and motivate. Coincidentally, the passing of numerous African American men and women in a variety of ways is what jumped started the brainstorming of the brand to begin with. Juice WRLD, Pernell "Sweetpea" Whitaker, Nipsey Hussle, and Frank Robinson, just to name a few, are notable names who departed earth in 2019 for various reasons.

There had to be more to LIFE!

The couple sat on the bed and reminisced about all the personal losses they had and wondered, "How will we impact the world with the time we are given"? Collectively, they shouted "We want to be an inspiration".

LIFEBrand is an inspirational brand. From the designs, to the social media posts, to the way the owners carry out their day-to-day lives, it is apparent that inspiration is in the driver seat. No color is better than the next and no one person better than their peers, LIFEBrand was born to inspire.




Krystal and D'Andre built the LIFE essentials from the acronym of L.I.F.E. LIFE being an acronym for Love, Inspire, Forgive, and Encourage, the two realized that these 4 words aren't just that. These words can and should be turned into actions every day we are fortunate enough to wake up and breathe. Focusing on what is important daily: to love, to inspire, to forgive, and to encourage, this message deserved to be spread worldwide. No matter what you are experiencing in LIFE, remember that you can always love, inspire, forgive and encourage someone else.


"Where each color starts and stops represents a connection piece of the 4 essentials to LIFE.  Without one you cannot have the other making each word/action dependent upon the other. Once, each step has been mastered and added to your daily life, then the cycle starts all over again." Krystal says. "The lifeline going through the center represents the pulse of the brand. Without it, there is no LIFE, there is no us. As long as you have a pulse, you should aim to inspire everyone you encounter."

You were born to inspire!

"For everyone who has supported us this far with a purchase, social media share, word of mouth, or anything, you are apart of the movement to a better world and we couldn't thank you enough."

- LIFEBrand LLC 

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