Thank you to everyone of you that helped us successfully make it to year 3! 

We hope we can bring something positive to your day — as our way of saying thank you for supporting us along this journey. We went through a pandemic, a recession, inflation, and everyone having shortages on things we never thought there'd be a shortage on - like french fries, paper towels, tissue. We literally had mass panic because they weren't making Lysol fast enough! LOL.

BUT, you made it here with us and we are truly thankful that you're reading this. LIFE has been a blessing to us and it has shaped us, our lives, and the way we view life tremendously.

Love is a beautiful thing when done correctly with your spouse, family members, kids, and friends. Who inspires you? That's a big one right? Most of the time it's someone you love - now you see how that works hand in hand right? Who have you had to forgive in your life? I'm sure it wasn't a stranger, LOL. We've even had to ask for forgiveness from ourselves, because sometimes we're our own worst enemy. We have to be more forgiving to ourselves too. And when we love, inspire, and forgive, that encourages you and most likely someone else. SEE, THAT'S THE BEAUTY OF LIFE and LIFE BRAND. This is what makes us, US! We're not perfect and we go through "LIFE" too, but the best part is making it out on the other side of it.

This is D'Andre and Krystal Richardson and thank you for coming to our "LIFE TALK".

In the meantime, we encourage you to head over to the website and shop LIFE BRAND merchandise. Remember, every purchase is a reminder of LIFE and the way we live it.

As we love to say, DON'T JUST WEAR IT, LIVE IT!

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